Melanie Phillips

The All Must Have Prizes culture is failing an entire generation, one child at a time

British education is in a state of “meltdown”. Throughout the system, from nursery classes to degree courses, the relationship between teacher and pupil has been undermined, and the idea that children should be taught a body of rules at all, whether in maths or grammar, is now taboo in many schools. Systematic instruction has given way to approximations and guesswork, resulting in a rising tide of illiteracy. All Must Have Prizes presents the inside story of a social debacle. The collapse of education is not viewed in isolation; at the heart of the problem, claims Melanie Phillips, lies cultural and moral relativism, the doctrine that no values can be judged to be any better or worse than any others. She regards the primary effect of this, particularly in the last 20 years, to be the collapse of the authority of institutions. Sounding a warning, she offers a blueprint to restore authority and meaning to society.








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